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FDCPA Training
  • ... In today's litigious legal environment, mistakes and violations of the FDCPA can make for a costly, time-consuming legal battle.

  • ... Everyone involved in the collection of debts 'is required' to have a thorough understanding as well as knowledge of the Federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

  • ... Every staff member involved in debt collection must know and follow the FDCPA along with internal company guidelines to ensure that collection practices are within all state and federal laws.

  • ... Protect your organization and minimize the risk of costly lawsuits Each staff member that completes and passes the FDCPA Course Material receives a "Certificate" which also includes the name of the organization.

FDCPA Pricing Tier
  • All of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act material is based upon Public Law 95-109, Title VIII of the Consumer Credit Protection Act which became effective in 1978 and is more commonly known as the FDCPA originally regulated by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). However today, regulatory responsibility has passed to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). The course material includes all 18 sections of the FDCPA along with court decisions, FTC Statements and Letters of Interpretation, CFPB interpretations, articles from professional collection magazines, actual experiences of collectors in real-life collection situations and quizzes for each section of the law. The course material is now available - for the first time - on the Internet which permits the User 24/7 access. The FDCPA course is divided into three separate parts (Part 1 a-d; Part 2 e-g; &Part 3 h-o). This makes it easier for the User to cover the FDCPA Training material in any number of online sessions which helps with retention and understanding of the law governing collection practices by third-parties. Each individual receives an individual "Certificate" for each section completed and passed. Managers receive completion/score reports with cumulative test scores by staff member.

  • The course material encompasses 25 years of professional credit and collection experience working and training staff in banks, credit card companies, government agencies and other financial services organizations - see LinkedIn profile. The FDCPA Course has been taught and used by law firms, collection agencies, debt buyers, organizational collection departments, professional collection trainers and by financial service companies. Additionally, it was important to develop a comprehensive and User-friendly FDCPA course that covered ALL 18 Sections of the law that gave real-life 'examples', case problems with answers and court case rulings that would help collection staff understand how to collect debts legally and ethically. Collectors must know and respect the rights of debtors as well as the appropriate way to negotiate with them. Because non-compliance with state and federal regulations can be expensive to the organization and the individual collector, it is extremely important to have continuing education of employees and is essential for efficiency, productivity, motivation and professionalism. FDCPA Training improves collector skills and often results in improved dollar collections, minimizes the risk of costly lawsuits and goes a long way in substantiating FDCPA compliance training.

FDCPA Pricing Tier
The course material is suitable for attorneys, professionals and staff - either the beginner or experience collector.

It is an in-depth presentation of the Federal FDCPA Law and is intended to train all members of your staff - from individuals, managers and professionals. It generally takes several days to complete the course material and to test the knowledge of the individual. The FDCPA Course has been taught and used by law firms, collection agencies, debt buyers, corporate collection departments, professional trainers and by financial service companies.

The text material is comprehensive and the quizzes cover all aspects of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The course provides an in-depth review of all 18 Sections written in user-friendly text for ease of understanding and retention. The review of the law is coupled with FDCPA Court cases/findings for each case. Also, there are case problems/answers, examples, and collector scenarios that will assist with learning and understanding of the law. In fact, our course completion survey shows that 97% of the participants have a better understanding of the FDCPA and how and when to apply it to their day-to-day job. The participants rate our course material as "EXCELLENT'. As a manager, your training compliance just got easier!

FDCPA Pricing Tier
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  • FDCPA COMPLIANCE IS AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY! Beginning in 2012, the FTC initiated a number of compliance actions against national collection agencies for FDCPA violations. The results for 2012 ended with multiple settlement in excess of $2.5M, $3.2M and $4.0M. From January 1 - December 31, 2013, the FTC brought or resolved nine debt collection cases - the highest number in a single year. The most infamous single case in 2013 topped out at $35.5MM - the largest single settlement up to that time. As expected in 2014-2017, the CFPB has aggressively pursued debt collection tactics and recently settled with a national bank over its debt portfolio sales practices.

  • Individual staff members receive "Certificates" and Managers receive reports with passed/failed and scores for each person. These managerial reports substantiate FDCPA training. You also have the benefit of knowing that your staff has received recent and up-to-date training. You know that they are knowledgeable and understand the compliance requirements of the FDCPA. Protect your organization and minimize the risk of costly lawsuits - substantiate internal compliance with CSS's Internet FDCPA Training Course - TODAY!

FDCPA Pricing Tier

Upon Receipt of Payment - the purchaser 'must forward to [email protected] the names/emails of the individual staff members & the name of the company' so that each staff member may be emailed a 'link' to the FDCPA Training Course Material include contact information in the 'Form' below

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